Tantric Mala Fluorite and White Jade

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This is a magnificent pairing of gemstones the properties of which compliment and support each other.  This combination is further fuelled by the boost of energy provided by the Tantric binary configuration.

Fluorite, the gemstone for positivity and balance, is also the cleanser and stabiliser of the aura. This powerful crystal absorbs negative energies from the environment as it harmonises all chakras of the wearer.

Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity.  It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity.  Jade is also a protective stone which keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.

If you are not familiar with the magic of Tantric Malas, please read the general knowledge section in the main part of this page.  It will blow you away!


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TANTRIC MALAS ARE DIFFERENT!  They are precious, sacred and revered the world over since ancient times. They were used by countless spiritual masters and yogis. According to time-honoured wisdom, no negativity will be able to enter the aura of the wearer of a Tantric Mala.

Its 416 elements are usually all gemstones.  Tantric malas may also carry precious metals as space elements – they can, albeit rarely, replace crystals themselves.

The gemstones are arranged in a specific 3D pattern using a binary code embedded within it.

When set in this way, the mala is a conduit for Tantric energy.  The design, because it uses 60 degree angles, allows for a powerful diagonal energy flow which in turn amplifies the properties of the crystals the mala is made with.  These can be intuition, harmony, grace, clarity or any other of the wonderful qualities that these gifts from Mother Earth carry.

Kundalini Whites’ Tantric Malas are made using super strong cord, similar to one used in bulletproof vests. Hence breakages are very rare.  All malas will arrive to their new owners with thorough instructions on use, care, and storage.

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