Kundalini Yoga Wear

Our collection of Kundalini Whites is about staying in keeping with the traditions of Kundalini yoga. We do this with classical lines and iconic styles of yoga whites, capturing the quintessential spirit of the Yoga of Awareness.  Looking regal and feeling super comfortable in silky soft cottons and breathable natural fibres can substantially deepen the expanded state of consciousness that is Kundalini yoga.

Colours create an action in your subconscious mind of inspiration, productivity and expansion.  Colours have an effect on consciousness.  The fastest way to achieve this is to use the one colour that contains them all – white.

The colour white is about extending your radiance, your aura. It is also about the reflective quality of the colour white; it does not absorb anything which makes it easier to interface less with the outside world.  Hence it is easier to go within, meditate, and be true to yourself.

We are continually working toward finding and creating further ways of enhancing the journey.  The online shop now also has an ever-growing selection of items to elevate and inspire.  Malas, including tantric malas, mats, shawls, oils, as well as devotional pieces like karas, kangas and Japji guides.