Free Shipping: On orders in Australia over $50 AUD

Free Shipping: On orders in Australia over $50 AUD


Premium linen and cotton

kundalini yoga clothes

resort wear or wedding clothes

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Not just clothes for yoga

Ethically and Sustainably sourced

Kundalini Yoga Wear

Whether sitting in meditation, or working through an intense yoga set, our roomy and super comfortable white yoga wear will enhance your Kundalini experience.

Kundalini Yoga is about purity, modesty, beauty and the sense of regality through it’s timeless technology.

Our collection of Kundalini Whites is all about staying in keeping with the traditions of Kundalini yoga. We do this with classical lines and iconic styles of yoga whites, capturing the quintessential spirit of the Yoga of Awareness.  This includes the use of the colour white, which is all about extending your radiance, your aura. It is also about the reflective quality of the colour white, which makes it easier to interface less with the outside world.  Hence it is easier to go within, meditate, and be true to yourself.