Free Shipping: On orders in Australia over $50 AUD

Free Shipping: On orders in Australia over $50 AUD


Premium linen and cotton

kundalini yoga clothes

resort wear or wedding clothes

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Not just clothes for yoga

Ethically and Sustainably sourced

About Kundalini Whites

Kundalini Whites was born out of the need for quality natural fibre classical yoga wear for Kundalini Yoga. In addition, it grew to fulfill the needs of all those who love the sheer beauty, purity and regality of the colour white.

The colour white contains all colours already, so it absorbs nothing.  It therefore, by its nature, gives you a protective shield.  It also increases your aura, your radiance.  Furthermore, having the reflective nature, wearing anything white makes it easier to interface less with the outside world.  Hence it is easier to go within, meditate, and be true to yourself.

We are a husband and wife yogi team, living on the beautiful coast of Central Queensland. This is where the tropical climate also added to the growing need for cool and breathable clothing which has been astonishingly difficult to find in retail shops.

Travelling in India we met some beautiful human beings who work together creating opportunities for rural communities. They do this by outsourcing the creation of handicrafts to village artisans. This now includes the making of most of our clothing range by women within their own homes.  The effort is coordinated by our supplier in Amritsar, in the state of Punjab.

Amritsar is also the spiritual home of modern Kundalini Yoga.  This is where Yogi Bhajan spent a substantial period of his adult life. The focal point of Amritsar is the Golden Temple nestled in the centre of a pond of healing water. The reverence that is felt by all who visit this magical place creates a vibration which we know is woven into every piece of Kundalini Whites.

With love from the Holy City

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

We do our very best to source all goods ethically, and sustainably – using FairTrade practices wherever possible.

Our principal supplier is located in Amritsar, the Punjab in India. Textiles are manufactured by families in this remote region, with profit apportioned to also flow back to the communities, providing opportunities for women and families.