Mala – Sandalwood

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This mala is perfect for learning how to meditate with a japa mala.

Choice of tassel, or no tassel.  108 beads, 8mm diameter.


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This sandalwood mala is softly threaded and flexible.  It is easy to learn with, yet true to tradition with its 108 main beads, and ‘guru’ bead.  It is beautifully embellished and perfect as a meditation companion.

Use of a mala: As the thumb pressed each bead against the finger the strand is placed upon, repeat the chosen mantra.  When you come to the ‘guru bead’, or the tassel, twist the mala around and begin again in the opposite direction.

Effect of using a mala: It assists in repeating the mantra, of course.  In addition, the mala stimulates the brain and the nervous system.  This occurs through the reflex points activated as the beads are pressed by the fingertips.

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