Mala Lapis Lazuli

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The beautiful lapis lazuli has been revered and valued higher than gold itself since ancient times.  Its deep celestial blue symbolised royalty, honour, spirit and vision.  It is grounding, protective, balancing and deeply healing.

108 bead japa mala, 7mm diameter beads, includes guru bead.

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The main spiritual property of the gemstone lapis lazuli is to heal the soul.  Thereby making higher levels of spiritual growth possible.  Lapis is believed to help recognise intuition and spiritual guidance.  It cleanses the mind, body and spirit of negativity.  It hence enhances very deep meditative states.  Physically, it is said to alleviate insomnia and migraines, and to reduce blood pressure and inflammation.  Furthermore, lapis lazuli boosts the immune system.

All natural gemstones have variations and markings created by forces of nature.  Hence these should not be seen as faults, but rather as celebrations of our imperfectly perfect world.

Use of a japa mala: As the thumb presses each bead against the finger that the strand is placed upon, repeat the chosen mantra.  When you come to the ‘guru bead’, twist the mala around and begin again in the opposite direction.

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