Meditation cushion

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This crescent-shaped meditation cushion is durable, light weight, extremely comfortable, and very affordable.

The filling is pure organic Aussie wool.  It is the filling of choice recommended by most experts.  Both inner and outer covers are built to last, made with premium grade cotton, high quality zippers and strong stitching.

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This meditation cushion follows the rule-of-thumb for meditation posture, which is for the hips to be sitting slightly above the knees.  This way the back stays straight and tall for best energy flow and spinal alignment.

Comfort is always paramount.  A comfortable meditation cushion will help the body to remain alert and focussed.  Furthermore, having one will encourage regular practice.  Using a meditation cushion also adds stability which allows you to meditate without distractions.

This premium quality product arrives filled with pure organic Aussie wool.  It will flatten with use.  Hence the inner cover has a zip for adding fill.  Wool or cotton are best for meditation practice.

The outer cover, made with custom order premium twill cotton in natural white, is fully removable and machine washable.  It also comes with a practical and discreet carry handle.

This cushion is just the right size (40cm x 28cm x 12cm) and weight to dependably travel anywhere.  Take your meditation practice with you wherever you go.

Charlotte Bell, from Hugger Mugger Yoga Products wrote this wonderful insight into the reason why sitting on a supportive cushion is so critical to a good meditation experience: “If your spine is unable to maintain an upright position without straining, your meditation practice will be a whole lot more challenging than it needs to be. Our spines have four natural curves, two convex and two concave. The sacral and thoracic curves are convex. The lumbar and cervical (neck) curves are concave. When these curves are in their neutral position, our spines hold themselves up with a minimum of muscular effort. If, for example, your pelvis tilts back so that your lumbar spine is in a convex curve instead of its natural concave one, sitting up straight isn’t possible. And the effort to sit up straight saps your energy.”  You can read more here: 


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