Meditation shawl with Mul Mantra

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Amplify and deepen your practice with this soft and inviting meditation shawl in a blend of wool and cotton.

The Mul Mantra takes centre stage in the middle of the shawl.

Custom made by Amritsari textile artisans.

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Being covered over has a fascinating comforting effect on human beings. Even if it isn’t cold, shawls, throws and blankets have a way of inducing a state of security, comfort and relaxation.

In the context of yoga and meditation, the effect is amplified. With each use of a personal meditation shawl positive prayerful energy becomes charged within the fibres.  Thereby, the constant build-up of higher frequency energy encourages a more positive connection with higher consciousness.  Furthermore, the sense of protection of both the body and the aura strengthens this meditative communication.

In addition, the use of a shawl or a blanket keeps the body temperature even.  This helps the energy field and the aura to stay intact. It also stops the mind from being distracted as the body cools down during the period of physical inactivity.

Each one of these gorgeous, generously sized natural fibre shawls (186cm X 106cm) will become the pride and joy of any Kundalini yogi.  Light yet warm – it will go with you everywhere.  Handmade in Amritsar.


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Dimensions 186 × 106 cm