Clothing just for Kundalini Yoga

FairTrade, Ethical and Sustainably sourced

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Kundalini Yoga Clothing

Premium cotton and linen

FairTrade, ethical, sustainably sourced

White clothing and yoga essentials by Kundalini Whites

Elevate, Inspire and Expand your Journey


White Yoga Wear collection by Kundalini Whites for lovely sumptuous feel, style, quality and functionality – made with love and care in the Holy City of Amritsar.

Only premium linen and cotton are used for all garments – for superb comfort in yoga practice, beautiful looks, durability and breathability.

We supply most pieces in four sizes for both yogis and yoginis. We deal directly with the manufacturer in the Punjab in India, which means that we can have virtually any size made very quickly – with a little patience for shipping.  Operating without middle-hands also allows us to keep prices down.

We take pride in having the garments made by  artisans, both women and men, in rural areas, so you can rest assured that we stay in line with high ethical standards and fairtrade practices.  Our products are individual handmade gems that are never identical – small variations add to the charm.  Quality, however, is never compromised.

With love from the Holy City

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

We do our very best to source all goods ethically and sustainably – using FairTrade practices wherever possible.

Our principal supplier is located in Amritsar, in India. Textiles are manufactured by families in this remote region, with profit apportioned to flow back to the communities, providing opportunities, including education.