Shawl – wool extra large patterned

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This is our over sized wool blend meditation shawl in ivory white with a subtle edge pattern. It is much larger than regular shawls in order to cover you completely in sitting meditation or when lying down for deep relaxation.

This extra large wrap is simple, elegant and versatile.  It is also big enough to double as a throw in the home.

Handwoven in Amritsar by textile artisans.

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During yoga and meditation, the comforting and relaxing effect experienced by being covered is amplified. With each use of a personal meditation shawl or blanket positive prayerful energy becomes charged within the fibres.  The constant build-up of higher frequency energy encourages a more positive connection with higher consciousness.  Furthermore, this meditative communication is strengthened by the sense of protection of both the body and the aura.

It is recommended to always wear something to cover your shoulders and spine. This will assist the distribution of the energy of Prana, which flows in energy channels up and down your back.

In addition, the body temperature is kept even by the use of a shawl or a blanket.  This helps the energy field and the aura to stay intact. It also stops the mind from being distracted as the body cools down during the period of physical inactivity.

Dry cleaning is recommended. Alternatively it can be gently hand washed in cold water and wool detergent. It should then be hung out in shade, or laid flat to dry.

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