Shawl – cotton and lace

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This is an ultra feminine light weight shawl in cotton and lace or small chunni, for the warmer months.  It is also perfect for special occasions.

Many cultures consider covering the head in particular a symbol of honour, self-respect, courage and spirituality.  Kundalini yoginis often use a Khanda pin to keep the piece in place.

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This is a lightweight shawl in cotton and lace to cover the shoulders or the head.  The lace gives it the feminine, almost festive feel of a stole.  Therefore, the shawl is perfect also as a scarf around the neck.  Moreover, it can even be wrapped around the head with the long ends hanging over the back.

Being covered over has a fascinating comforting effect on human beings. Even if it isn’t cold, shawls, throws and blankets have a way of inducing a state of security, comfort and relaxation.

Not surprisingly, the effect is amplified in the context of yoga and meditation. Each use of a personal meditation shawl charges the fibres with positive prayerful energy.  The constant build-up of higher frequency energy encourages a more positive connection with higher consciousness.  Furthermore, the sense of protection of both the body and the aura strengthens this meditative communication.


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