Shahmina shawl – beige accent

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Shahmina shawl in the finest Cashmere wool available anywhere in the world.

These Shahmina stoles are impossibly light, feather-like, yet with three times the insulating power of lambswool.

They have been skillfully handwoven by elite artisans in Northern India.

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The Shahmina (and Pashmina, wool from adult Cashmere goats) shawl and stole have been worn by royalty and noble folk since the 3rd century BC. Shahmina (Persian for “emperor’s wool”) refers to shawls made of baby Cashmere goat’s wool.  The fleece is not shorn off.  Instead, the kid’s first shed undercoat is collected by combing. It is then used for spinning and weaving the incredibly light weight and silky soft garments.  As practitioners of Kundalini yoga, a Royal Yoga, Kundalini yogis and yoginis have traditionally favoured this ultra-fine material for their wraps and shawls.

The fibre diameter is very low – only 13 microns. This is why shahmina has to be hand-processed and woven into the end products.  Therefore, the artisans’ skill level is critical for the quality of the finished garment.  The expert craftsmanship and the rarity of the wool are the reason for the relatively high cost of purchasing one.  Hence these luxurious items are often acquired as gifts, or at least as treasured ‘forever’ items.

Each wrap weighs just 70g, which is how much soft undercoat one baby goat produces in its first year of life.  The combing takes place in spring, and the undercoat regrows in winter.  The incredible warmth factors stems from the high altitude super-low winter temperatures of the Tibetan plateaus where these goats and their nomadic keepers live.

These beautiful authentic wraps are made of 100% pure shahmina. There is absolutely no viscose content.  The size is a generous 208cm x 76cm.

Dry cleaning is recommended.


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