Pashmina shawl with blue accent

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Pashmina wool is one of the finest natural fibres available. This Pashmina shawl with blue accent is made of this prince of fibres with rare qualities of fineness, lustre and unparalleled warmth.

These Pashmina shawls have been made with the fine down fibres of the goat’s undercoat – only 15 microns in diameter. This is why pashmina has to be hand-processed and woven into the end products.  Therefore, the artisans’ skill level is critical for the quality of the finished garment.  The expert craftsmanship and the rarity of the wool are the reasons for the relatively high cost.  Hence these luxurious items are often acquired as gifts, or at least as treasured ‘forever’ items.


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Pashmina has derived its name from the Persian word “pashm” meaning “soft gold”.  It is well known for its softness, lightness, warmth, alluring aesthetics, elegance and timelessness.  It is the most luxurious fibre which is much softer than superfine Merino wool of the same diameter.

Pashmina wool has occupied a unique position because of its feather-like lightness, and its superb ability to absorb dyes and moisture.  Furthermore, on an equal weight basis it possesses three times more insulating capacity than wool. The incredible warmth factor stems from the super-low winter temperatures of the plateaus where these goats live. They are native to the high altitude mountainous northern India.

Kundalini yoga practitioners have traditionally favoured this ultra-fine material. It is perfect for travel due to the light weight. Despite the generous size (204cm x 78cm) they weigh in at only 80g.

Dry cleaning is recommended.

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