Mala – Amethyst

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Amethysts are powerful and protective gemstones of the highest spiritual vibration. They are considered the ultimate All Rounder. It is because amethysts connect the user to the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, that their effect upon the quality of the user’s meditative state is so profound.

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The serenity of an amethyst crystal enhances the higher states of consciousness. Hence using an amethyst mala helps to make meditation practice more rewarding.  This crystal has strong healing powers, is extremely grounding, and as a result enhances spiritual awareness.  Traditionally amethysts are used to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds.  Used at a higher level, amethyst opens to another reality.

These japa malas all have 108 beads with beautiful embellishments.  However, the size may vary from 6 to 8mm – this consequently affects the length of each mala.  Embellishments do also vary as per availability.  Finally, if you have a colour preference, please email us if you prefer your amethyst mala in ‘soft lavender’, ‘natural mix’ or ‘deep purple’.

Importantly, all natural gemstones have variations created by forces of nature.  Amethysts tend to have these in abundance. However, they should not be seen as faults. Rather they are celebrations of our imperfectly perfect world.

Using a mala: As the thumb pressed each bead against the finger the strand is placed upon, repeat the chosen mantra.  When you come to the ‘guru bead’, or the tassel, twist the mala around and begin again in the opposite direction.

Effects of using a mala: It assists in repeating the mantra, of course.  In addition, the mala stimulates the brain and the nervous system.  This occurs through the reflex points activated as the beads are pressed by the fingertips.

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