Kundalini Yoga Turban Gold Sheen

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Authentic Kundalini yoga turban in delicate yet strong, smooth cotton for a sense of calm and well-being.

We source our turbans from Amritsar in the Punjab where this is one of the fabrics used in festive Sikh turbans.

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Wearing a turban during Kundalini yoga is a means of focussing and containing energy, clarifying thoughts, and creating a meditative focus at the Third Eye point.

The recommendation to wear a turban comes from ancient yogic wisdom. By covering the Crown Chakra we protect the point of connection to the Infinite.  https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/daily-routine/covering-head

The turban stabilises the small flat skull bones which move ever so slightly during meditation.  Hence there is a physical effect on the skull’s meridians which are a network of fine filaments. Furthermore, wearing a turban has a stabilising effect on the electromagnetic field as a whole.  Together these effects have been shown to promote calm and relaxation.

The turban is therefore an important element amongst the tools for higher consciousness.  It sets the stage for a deeper practice by signalling a transition from the physical to the spiritual realm.  The wearing of a turban prepares the body for the joy and reverence of the yoga practice.


Length 3m.  Width 0.6m.    This length is relatively standard amongst Kundalini yogis – long enough but not too long to become cumbersome.  The width, usually folded in three or four,  provides enough bulk for a neat tight turban.


This turban comes in delicate cream with interwoven gold thread.

The colour white is the chosen hue of Kundalini yoga – for reasons of which we are all aware. https://kundaliniwhites.com.au/kundalini-yoga-wear/  However, in the case of turbans, latitude has always been encouraged, in order to allow for individuality and the state of our being at any one time.  “Colours affect the bodily functions, mind and emotions. They do this with the energy produced by light. Studies conducted have demonstrated the benefits of colours on the development of the brain, creativity, productivity and learning.” http://renketkisi.com/en/psychology-and-color.html


Traditionally turbans are unhemmed, yet still handle washing well without fraying.  We have chosen to hem this one to make doubly sure that it will last for many years to come. Wash on a gentle cycle, and dry in shade. Ironing is recommended. Once dry and ironed, fold the fabric to preferred width and store as a roll ready for wrapping.

Cultural note:

The Sikhs place a great deal of importance on wearing a turban which they call ‘Dastar’. In the Khalsa society, the turban signifies many important virtues. Examples of these are equality, spirituality, honour and self-respect. Add to that piety, moral values and courage, and you can appreciate that the turban is an integral part of the Sikh identity.  Wikipedia has an extensive narrative on the Sikh turban which you can read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dastar

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