Kara in polished steel

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This polished steel Kara features quality materials and a squared-off flat contour – a very popular, sophisticated style for men.

The Kara represents oneness, unity, and the unbreakable bond that is humanity’s relationship with the Creator and the Divine – a circle with no beginning and no end.

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This style is rapidly becoming a favourite.  The polished steel Kara comes across classier than the traditional steel construct, yet takes nothing away from durability.  It weighs about the same as other steel Karas.

The Kara has been worn for centuries as an Amulet of Protection. “It guards you from the outside, and also from the inside.  The Kara reminds you not to do evil with your hands, and thus protects you from Karma.  It is also like wearing an energetic soldier on your wrist, deflecting negative energy away from your aura.” https://blog.spiritvoyage.com/kara-the-protection-bracelet/

These energetic-magnetic effects strengthen the male (the active) energy when worn on the right wrist.  When worn on the left wrist they strengthen the female (the receptive) energy.

Cultural note:

It is common to notice people – both men and women – wearing a Kara in everyday life anywhere in India.  Other than being Sikh it also relates to those individuals recognising the Punjab as their home State.  In that it is not necessarily of spiritual or religious significance wearing a polished steel Kara like this one can be a fashion statement.  Deeply devout Sikhs, and yogis, tend to lean toward more rustic styles such as plain steel or completely unpolished iron.  For instance, Nihang Sikhs, who live with very little material wealth and a possession choose those simple styles. Their devotion is about living spiritual lives, in prayer, training in martial arts and taking care of themselves and helping their communities. The Nihang are saint soldiers – despite being warriors they are a symbol for world peace. They exist to spread love and preserve peace.

Tips for measuring for correct size:

Easiest and quickest way is to place a ruler between the knuckles of the index and pinky fingers on the back of your hand (see image) – this is the measurement of the inside of the kara.  Alternatively, place the thumb tip, and the tip of the little finger together.  Now measure the circumference of the hand at the second knuckle of the thumb.  This should give you another reasonable estimate of what size bracelet will fit you, and not readily fall off.  Better still, measure the inside diameter of an existing bracelet that you know fits you, and stays on.  If all else fails, we will exchange the bracelet for a better fit – you do have to pay for the postage, though.

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