Harem Pants with Kachera

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These are heavenly sheer and soft harem yoga pants with Kachera built into them.

These wide-leg and light-weight pants are amazingly comfortable with their combined elastic waist and shirring sides.


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The fabric of these harem pants with Kachera has to be worn to be believed!  We tested it in steamy Amritsari conditions and it is one of a kind.  100% cotton, silky soft and luxurious, breathable and light, and it dries in minutes.

The skilled artisans who make these garments carefully explained the virtues of the shirring side panels.  Their praise for comfort was justified.  Importantly, they did also point out that the shirring is NOT to be ironed.  These yoga pants will serve you well for years to come if you look after them.

The sheer nature of the fabric is largely what gives it the decadent feel.  Therefore, this garment lends itself beautifully to carrying the inbuilt Kachera valued by any ‘Kaur’.  The Kachera is the above-the-knee underwear meant to give a feeling of dignity, modesty, and honour to the person who wears it.  This feature is invaluable in our yoga practice as well.


These yoga pants, by their stretchy and flowing nature, don’t call for exact sizing.  Hence, we decided to supply them in two flexible sizes.  However, given that we deal directly with the manufacturer, we can order any size you like if the ones we have don’t feel good on you, or you think you may need a different size.  Our lovely artisans will make them very quickly; all you need is a little patience with shipping time.

Small / Medium   (28″ / 32″ waist)     Un-stretched width 24″            Large / Extra large   (36″ / 40″ waist)    Un-stretched width 28″

Elastic material is universally given a percentage of stretch, from relaxed state to fully stretched.  We believe we have allowed enough latitude for the full range of sizes – the elastic will also relax over time, the number of washes, and of course the amount of use.  If you need more give either way, let us know and we’ll make that happen.


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