Face mask

$16.00 inc GST

You need to protect yourself and others.

Attractive and super-comfortable barrier mask made right here in Australia.

Re-usable, washable, inbuilt filter pocket.

Many funky colours and patterns are on their way – watch this space.

Many sizes from young child to adult male; measure from bridge of the nose to the underside of the chin.



Fabric masks do not substitute use of a medical face mask.  However, they are barriers to help control contact spread from hands to face.  After all, we do all touch our faces constantly.

A face mask also serves as a ‘social nudge’ to observe better distancing.  Furthermore, a face mask protects others if you are a carrier or have a cold, by limiting salivary spray.

These face masks are made of tightly woven (high thread count) 100% cotton fabric.  They also have an inbuilt pocket to house any filter material you may wish to use.  We have included a starter filter made of non-woven polyester material – sterilisable, reusable.

Patterns of fabric vary according to availability.  Please let us know what your preference is – an email is helpful; we can then send you images of what we have been able to source.

Care of the barrier mask: Soap kills viruses.  Wash the mask in soapy water after use, at the very least once a day.

Care of the filter (if using): Change ofter if you have disposables (such as HEPA, or surgical masks).  For re-usable filters, place in a bowl, pour in boiling water, leave for a few minutes, and hang to dry.