Chunni Dupatta

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Chunni adds grace both to your attire, and to your meditation practice. It is a symbol of modesty and respect.  There are countless ways of wearing one.  Find the one that suits your practice.

Choice of plain Georgette, or Georgette with Lace edge.  Size 1m by 2m.

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The dupatta was traditionally used as a modified veil.  Covering the head and shoulders in meditation creates a sense of privacy.

‘Dupatta’ is the most commonly used word for the long scarf.  The word ‘chunni’ is well-known also in the Punjab. It is a symbol of modesty but in modern times it has also evolved into a fashion item. ‘Du’ means ‘two’, and ‘patta’ means ‘strip of cloth’ – originally from Sanskrit.  The tradition dates back to the dawn of Indic culture, as well as that of Buddhism.  Women cover their heads with a dupatta when entering temples and churches.

The tradition of wearing a dupatta as a sign of modesty and respect continues in the Kundalini community.  In the context of yoga, the garment is usually made with a sheer fabric, such as georgette.

Wearing a dupatta, especially in the West, may seem unusual to the uninitiated. However, it never fails to impress by its sheer beauty.  It also never fails to deliver a sense of peace and serenity to the wearer.  Meditation is a private affair, yet it is at its most powerful when performed with others.  Group energy uplifts and heals like no other. A dupatta provides a private space.



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